Single Hung Windows

Single hung windows generally consist of two panes, with one top pane fixed in position while the bottom pane slides up and down to open and close the window. In extremely tall or wide windows there can be more than two panes, but in a single hung window only one of the panes slides up and down.

A single hung window is a very popular style of vinyl replacement window because it is the lowest cost and it provides enough ventilation for what most people need. However, because the upper pane is fixed in position it does make cleaning the outside of a single hung window a little more challenging.

Features of Our Single Hung Windows

Our single hung windows are manufactured and installed to the highest standards of professionalism and craftsmanship. Here’s what you can expect with every window replacement project:

  • Built to the Highest Standards – each single hung window is built to the toughest CSA standards, so you get a great window every time
  • Energy Efficient – today’s windows are more efficient than ever so will help reduce your heating and cooling bills
  • Full Customization – we’ll customize everything from the dimensions to the exterior colour to match the rest of your home’s interior and exterior finishes
  • Expert Installers – our expert window installers will make sure the job gets done right, the first time!
  • Made in Canada – we’re proud Canadians and only buy Canadian made windows
We have replacement vinyl single hung windows at a great price!

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