We’re Proud to be Family Owned & Operated

Value Windows and Doors is proud to be a family owned business. Not only do we own this business, but we are on the front lines of running it. We’re meeting our customers, helping them get the best replacement windows and doors available, and taking care of any issues that they have before, during or after the installation.

For an overview of who we are and what we do, check out our video. Or scroll down and meet the Thomas family and see how we help keep our windows and doors company running!

Value Windows & Doors :: Daniel Thomas, Head of Sales

Daniel Thomas – Head of Sales

Daniel Thomas leads the sales team at Value Windows and Doors. You’re likely to run into Daniel at any of the home shows that we appear in, or if you book a consultation through our website it’ll probably be Daniel that meets with you.

Daniel isn’t just about selling windows. He doesn’t sell replacement windows to his customers, he simply let’s them buy windows and doors if they choose to. Not only is he passionate about giving his customers the best new windows and doors available, but he’s also very knowledgeable: he’s an expert at heat/loss calculations, he understands how windows and doors affect the external envelope of your home, and he won’t take shortcuts on anything that Value Windows and Doors provides.

If you want to get in touch with Daniel, call him at (416) 704 – 5227, or if you want to email him just click this link.

Value Windows & Doors :: Theresa Thomas, Operations Manager

Theresa Thomas – Operations Manager

A lot needs to happen between selling the door and installing the door – and this is where Theresa comes in. Theresa is the main office contact for our customers. You reach her anytime during business hours where she is busy ordering, scheduling, and making sure our operations run smoothly.

An important factor in our business is communication at every stage of the process – quoting, processing the sale, installation, and any post-installation service. Theresa plays a hand in each of these parts. She helps run the business in the same manner she helps run our family – with respect, dignity, and professionalism. Theresa is always prompt when answering phone calls and emails, so you can rest assured any questions you have will be answered quickly and succinctly.

If you want to reach out to Theresa, call her at (905) 670 – 8888, or if you want to email her just click this link.

Value Windows & Doors :: Mitchell Thomas Leads Our Installations

Mitchell Thomas – Installations Manager

Once you’ve bought windows or doors from Daniel, you’ll meet Mitchell. Mitchell is Daniel’s son, so our family commitment and involvement continues from sales all the way through installation.

Mitchell is trained as a master cabinet maker and demands the highest standards of workmanship with every install. Mitch leads our installation teams form the beginning of a job until the very end. Our job isn’t done until the work area is cleaned up, your old windows, doors and any materials are loaded up and ready to be taken away, and your home is as clean as it was when they arrived. Mitch is also available throughout the installation to answer any questions you might have about what we’re doing, why we’re doing it that way, and how long it’ll take.

Mitch spends most of his days on job sites, so if you want to get a hold of him the best way is to call Theresa and she will be happy to track him down.

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